America needs more quality affordable housing from owners that care.
Join us as we do our part.

Our Proven Process

We like to think real estate is simple. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Do what’s right, create a replicatiable process, build the dream team, work hard & smart!

Acquire Value-Ad Assets With Debt & Equity

Refine & Improve our property COC targets

1. Collections 2. Occupancy 3. Cleanliness

Refinance & Hold Long Term

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our offerings have a minimum investment of $50k

2-3 years. Here’s how, we focus on buying the right properties with significant upside. Most times this means buying the property off market & immediately driving value through improved operations, increasing occupancy, injecting significant capital into the property as soon as possible after closing & creating a desirable community for residents. When executed properly we aim to cashout refinance within 2-3 years and return all our investors capital. Our investors still have ownership and we hold the properties long term.

3 years. Dylan went full time into single family investing right after highschool at the end of 2017. He continued to run that business until the opportunity arose to buy a small MHP outside St. Louis MO at the end of 2019. Buying another few lots across the street at the beginning of 2020 Dylan’s team at the time owned 22 lots. At that time making the decision to stop the SFR investing and focus exclusively on learning to manage their park & all the nuances that came with it. Then at the beginning of 2021 their team decided to really ramp up their acquisitions and purchased 8 more communities in the following 12 months. Northstar continues to purchase communities primarily in Texas.

We believe if residents pay monthly, bills get paid monthly then so should our investors and team. Distributions are paid on the 10th of each month.

 All investors receive a report in the middle of each month for the month prior. Which includes Profit & Loss, Occupancy Report/Rent Roll, & an Outstanding Balance report.

No! All our offerings are open to sophisticated investors.
Each investor receive’s K1s when we file taxes. We often will use cost segregation’s with accelerated depreciation which allows all partners to offset their income in a massive way through the MHP/RVP.
We run a 3 tier management structure. Every one of our properties has a skilled onsite manager who lives at the property full time & works with residents, contractors, vendors, and more to ensure smooth day to day operations of the property. Above them we have a offsite team of property managers and construction managers who drive the results of our site manager to ensure we are hitting art targets of collections, occupancy, cleanliness, & timelines. Our CEO Dylan then oversees that department to ensure we are on budget & time with our business plan.

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